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“Gyms these days have 
C H A N G E D 
alot and not for the better. 
Today’s gyms are all about 
Once they sign you up, they hope 
you don't even use their facility. 
Ironworks Gym does it differently. 
Come check out how I’m
in a close-knit, family like atmosphere." 
Owner: Ironworks Gym

David Nunes


Dave has been in the fitness industry for over 34 years and has competed in a number of body building competitions with great success. He knows first hand the overwhelming frustration that is involved when one takes on the journey to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, faster, eat the right foods consistently, commit, be disciplined and prepare for months prior to a competition. Dave has run a number of successful personal training studios and gyms. For the past 34 years, he has dedicated himself to learning his craft in all aspects surrounding strength, nutrition, health and fitness. He has trained, consulted and educated thousands of people on what it takes to achieve their goals.


Dave is now opening his own private membership facility, Ironworks Gym, where he works with his members and clients helping them achieve whatever goal they set forth; bringing them true happiness and fulfillment. To say that Dave has a passion for fitness is an understatement. He has said on many occassions, "if you love what you do then it's not work."


On a daily basis you can find Dave interacting with his members and clients. He truly enjoys spreading his knowledge. He is active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube (where he regularly publishes videos on different topics to help guide you to success).

If you're looking for a gym with old school values and mentality where you actually find the owner present and interacting with members, come meet Dave and feel the warmth of a family-like atmosphere that gyms once had.

Susie Arroyo

Build and Burn Boot Camp

Susie has been into fitness all of her adult life. After raising three boys the main reason she got started on this journey was solely for herself and no one else. Susie by nature is not a competitor but it didn’t take long for her to get the bug that fitness was her calling. Susie has participated in such events as the Tough Mudder, Spartan Races and a triathlon. To this day Susie is always signing up for some new challenge and she always does great.

Back in 2013 Susie wanted to take on the ultimate challenge; to get onto the big stage and compete in the Figure Class at a local show. She believed in herself and it didn’t hurt that she hired Ironworks Owner, Dave Nunes (formerly TPF owner) to be her training and nutrition coach. After Dave did a full assessment on Susie, he knew that the local show Susie had picked was too soon. Susie needed a good three more months of intense training to add muscle and implement the proper nutrition plan. Dave chose a show three months later and of course it happened to be one of the biggest shows around. This show included IFBB Pros and NPC competitors. Susie believed in herself and so did Dave. Dave then hooked Susie up with an IFBB Pro Figure competitor Wendy Fortino for her posing. Dave had Susie practice posing every day while he worked with her and critiqued and adjusted certain poses. Come show time, Susie would look like she owned that stage! She did just that and placed 6th out of 23 other girls for her very first competition.

 Susie’s passion really began when she started helping others get fit and healthy and started changing lives. “The greatest satisfaction in being a coach is seeing my clients obtain goals they never thought were possible,” Susie says. Her Build & Burn Boot Camp was developed to help people live healthier lives through fitness, challenging boot camp sessions and of course the main ingredient, proper nutrition. Suzie’s clients achieve noticeable results. Susie is also a top personal trainer working 1 on 1 with her clients.

Susie’s classes are smaller for a reason. She wants to make sure each and every client in her class gets the attention they deserve and surround themselves with others that have similar goals in a supportive environment. It’s crucial that Susie works with her clients on getting their minds right first and foremost.  “If a client’s mind isn’t where it needs to be from the start, then they’re not ready.” Susie says.

Build & Burn Boot Camp isn’t your average boot camp. Every day is a new program and challenge. Coaching and training her clients at Ironworks Gym sets the tone for well-rounded programs.  Susie now incorporates the use of Ironworks free weights and machines for weight training and the response from her clients is overwhelmingly excited.

“The greatest gift you can give yourself is a happy healthy you!”

~ Susie Arroyo

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